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Custom Big Sis Rag Doll – Juliana Sprinkles

Here is a custom big sis doll for Juliana. Safe travels to NJ!

Big sis lil sprinkles

Our custom doll options can be found here.

-lil sis


House Update: Landscape…Work in Progress

Here is my yard since my last house update post.

2014-07-05 dead grass 003 (640x427)dead. grass.

Everything including the grass and shrubs have been removed and now we’ve got a blank slate.

2014-07-18 blank slate 005 (640x427)

We are at the stage of finalizing plants and despite not doing “sufficient” research, I’ve been very much involved in this process. Although we have a gardener, he strictly handles the lawn and not much else. What this means for my flower bed…low maintenance plants!

This project has taken a life of its own and trying to stay within our proposed budget and also getting the garden that I want has been a challenge. Hopefully I’ll have a few tips for you when all this is done. Half of the new plants are going in today and grass has been ordered. My husband couldn’t just stick to your good ol’-green-healthy looking-easy to care for-Marathon grass. We had to order a special type of Bermuda. Oy! And if it wasn’t for the special order, we’d have some grass and not dirt flying around everywhere but live and learn.

Hopefully, my next landscape post will be of the completed yard…fingers crossed. Have a great weekend!

big sis


Chicago Summer Trip

We just got back from a week long trip to Chitown. The weather was amazing! I was expecting it to be super humid, but it was so pleasant and the nights were cool and breezy! It was an awesome trip spending time with family and making new memories. It was so much fun to meet my new niece, Izzy! The girls loved spending time with her and holding her that by the end of our trip, they kept asking for “one” of their own. Whoa there kiddos! :)

We didn’t really have much planned this week except for Taste of Chicago which occurs after the fourth of July. It’s a few days of good Chitown eating, and you get to try samples of the food instead of getting a meal portion. But beware, the lines can be long if you go during peak times! They have a great kid zone section full of bounce houses, slides, dancing, a craft area, and much more. All of that is free too!

Our first stop – Navy Pier and the Chicago Children’s Museum. We went on Sunday, and the first Sunday of every month, admission is free for ages 15 and under! Yay! Saved us $28.







There is so much to do at Navy Pier! We didn’t get a chance to go on a boat ride but maybe next year. There was a maze house, shopping area, a carousel, a variety of restaurants, etc.

Next stop was Kohl’s Children’s Museum in the suburbs. Loved this museum! We googled for discount tickets, and came across a $1 off admission which you can find here. There were a lot of kids here because of field trips with their camps, so it got hectic towards the afternoon. Kohl’s website will give you tips on when the best time/day is to visit.






Next stop…Taste of Chicago. Sadly we didn’t take any pics of our food! Boohoo! All I have to say is that if you visit Chicago, you have to try deep dish pizza from Lou Malnatis. Yum!




Then we headed to the Skokie Exploratorium. This is actually at a community center, but it’s a wonderful place for the kids to spend hours playing. Plus, admission was only $5! How do you beat that price!?! There was so much stuff to do for the kids plus a great playground outside and a mini water park.



This climbing apparatus is mega and impressive!!!







And here are some other random photos from our trip…


In law’s backyard. They have a giant mulberry tree, and the kids loved picking the berries off and eating them. So jealous of the lot sizes here!

 Welcome Back balloons tied in front of my in law’s home. How sweet are they?!


Bop n Grill yummy goodness. It’s Korean American fusion food, and you gotta try their kimchi fries! This restaurant was on Guy Fieri’s Triple D Show and deserving of it. My hubs knew the owner, and he was so sweet to give us extra food after we already ordered our meal. Everything was delicous!


 Our two month old niece! Love her to pieces!

 That’s all! We’re still recovering from the trip…haha well, maybe just me. It’s been hard to sleep before midnight, so my body has been paying for it. Can’t wait to visit again.

-lil sis


Landscape Ideas

Our landscape project has begun! Our grass is d.e.a.d. and I’m getting a bit paranoid that we are going to get written up again. Perhaps, this is the fear my association wants to instill when I get lazy and want my yard to just be. haha!
I haven’t been as proactive in the design process as I’d like to be because quite honestly, I just do not have the time. My kids are keeping me quite busy (and insane, for that matter).
But here a few looks that I think I could maintain :)


Two things are for certain…I really do love Kangaroo Paws! Such a cute name for such a pretty plant! And second, I am all in favor of modern, minimal, low maintenance gardens!
Thanks for stopping by!
big sis

Custom shirts for a family reunion

A couple of weeks ago, we had our 3rd annual family barbeque. Same park, same location.

Last year, we brainstormed some ideas on how to go bigger, how to make it better. We talked about a reunion in Vegas, possibly one in Palm Springs. But none came to fruition except one of the ideas…family t-shirts!

photo (2) (480x640)Big sis and lil sis sporting our shirts!

If you are interested in getting custom shirts, we ordered ours from Customink.com. Super easy process, and the turn around time was very quick! We couldn’t have been more pleased. Maybe next year, we’ll have to some good ol’ family games!

Hope you had a fun long weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

big sis and lil sis


House Update: Landscape

Much like the inside of the house, the outside was not taken care of. While the front yard was “maintained”, the backyard…

2013-11-28 001 (640x427)…a different story

2013-11-28 002 (640x427)No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The patio was slanted and subsequently came down during the demolition of the inside of the house.

The front yard was also needing some TLC but there were so many issues. Our parkway tree was uplifting everything! including our driveway! So that’s what we tackled first…removing the tree.

2014-04-11 parkway tree 001 (427x640)

Our city has strict guidelines for tree removal, but an added stress was having to battle it out with my Association…not. fun. After 4 months of writing letters, getting opinions from different arborists, sitting through board meetings, the tree is out and in its place is a small Dancer Pear tree.

2014-06-07 exterior landscape 001 (640x589)

Unfortunately, through that process, I may have brought some unwanted attention to the rest of our front yard. After a citation for a lack of greenery/plants in our planter (where I roll my eyes), we will be redoing our yard on a tight budget. In an ideal situation (where money grows on trees), I would demolish the front yard completely including the hardscape and have a landscape designer redo everything. I also considered doing the job myself! But due to the lack of care from the previous owner, the dirt/soil in our yard is SO compact, that it would take me months of toil and sweat! Plus, who am I kidding? I seem to have forgotten that I’ve got 3 kids with me during the summer :) So I did the next best thing…hired someone! We are now on phase II of our landscape project. I hope to muster up enough energy/motivation to help with the redesign but with soccer, ice skating, swim, piano, basketball, dance and art…I may just let it be, my motto for the summer!

Thanks for stopping by!

big sis



Kidspace Children’s Museum, Pasadena

This past weekend we finally made a visit to Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena. Loved it there! Although it was a quick drive to get there from where we live which is 30 miles away, it took an hour plus to get home. LA traffic. Ugh.

It’s located near the Rose Bowl, and I just love that area so much. I used to golf there with the hubs before we had kids. That area is so beautiful, and I’m itching to make a visit to the Rose Bowl Flea Market one of these days.

Kidspace admission tickets are $11. Children 12 mo and younger are free. Parking is plenty, and it’s free. There is a big playground before the entrance, so my kids got to play some more after we left the museum. It’s actually a great set up, and I would totally get an annual pass there if I lived closer.

Some pics…


She built a house out of popsicle sticks in their imagination workshop. Hands down, this was Lila’s favorite part of our visit. They provide all the materials, and she loved all the different bins of fabric, masking tape, clothes pins, etc to use for her doll house.


Building area outside the museum.



Learning about moving parts.


Everything is a learning experience


I really really realllllly want raised garden beds in my backyard!


Cute bike track! Loved that they provided large coffee filters to put on my child’s head before placing the helmet on top!




Some one on one with my baby using our Kidz Gear Headphones. Tried a few headphones, but this one made the cut for our trip to Chicago!

If you want to visit Kidspace Museum for free, they offer free family night on the first Tuesday of every month. Hours are restricted from 4pm-8pm.

-lil sis


Tutorial: Handheld Cheer Pom Poms

I love to cheer on my kids whenever/however I can…when it comes to school, their extracurricular activities…esp their sports. I am my kids’ biggest cheerleader and proud of it! I’m sure at some point in time my kids will get embarrassed of their mom who is on her feet screaming at the top of her lungs but until then, I will continue to make a happy fool of myself :)

2014-05-13 DIY pom poms 001 (640x506)

Going into son’s baseball tournament, I knew pom poms were in order. I purchased my materials at a party store but if you don’t have one near you, I am attaching links of what I used. Here’s what you need:

2014-05-13 DIY pom poms 004 (640x427)


1. (2) 1/4 x 36 Dowel Sticks

2. (2) Cindus 3-Pack Red Metallic Tissue Sheets (or color of your choice)

3. (1) Shredded Silver Metallic Wrap

4. Hacksaw

5. Sharpie Fine Point Black

6. Measuring Tape

7. Scotch Duct Tape, Black


1. Take your measuring tape and dowel stick and mark every 6 inches with your Sharpie.

2014-05-13 DIY pom poms 005 (640x427)

2. Using your hacksaw, cut the dowel stick where marked. To soften the tips, I sanded mine down by rubbing it on the concrete. No sandpaper needed!

3. Open up your tissue sheet and cut it into quarters. Each one should measure 15 x 9.

2014-05-15 DIY pom poms 003 (640x427)

4. Fold it in half lengthwise and cut strips measuring 0.75 inches but do NOT cut all the way through. You want to leave about an inch on the folded edge uncut.

2014-05-15 DIY pom poms 004 (640x427)

5. Take a piece of duct tape approximately 16 inches. and lay the folded edge of #4 in the center of the tape, like so.

2014-05-14 DIY pom poms 001 (640x427)

6. Take your shredded strips and lay them on the duct tape as well. You can go all the way up to the top of the tape but make sure you leave some tape exposed so everything will stick to the dowel stick.

2014-05-15 DIY pom poms 001 (640x421)

7. Now you are ready to roll! Take your dowel stick and start rolling the duct tape along one side of your stick.

2014-05-15 DIY pom poms 002 (640x427)

8. Once rolled, you can separate the tissue paper and fluff them up with your hands.

2014-05-13 DIY pom poms 002 (640x427)

They were so much fun to use and made me a bit nostalgic. Too bad I couldn’t remember any of my high school baseball cheers. With baseball season over, we are gearing up for summer soccer! This school year has been a super busy year but it helps us appreciate the quiet moments that much more :)

Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

big sis


Fun Instagram discoveries!

I peruse Instagram at night right before I go to bed. Bad idea because I end up doing random searches, and it cuts into an hour of precious sleep. My fault entirely. I just can’t stop! 

The best part about stalking is that I discovered some awesome stuff. I take a pic of it, and I have an album dedicated to fun, beautiful things.

Armadillo and Co Rugs


Here is another version of their rug…


 via here

I told myself I would wait to buy anything “home” related till we move into our next home. But this rug…cmon! I could totally see this in an entry way or in the middle of a play room. All of their rugs are worth checking out!

Another discovery after doing a search on geometric vases…

concrete vase

Via 45Wall

Loving the lines of this and the paint splotches! It’s from a fellow etsy shop owner too which is always  a plus!

And these cute shirts/sweatshirts from @helloapparel. I think I’m behind on this because apparently they are everywhere!

I totally want to buy matching hello shirts for my girls!

hello apparel

Via Hello Apparel

And lastly, I discovered this workout app from a friend (not from Instagram). It’s called the Nike Training App, and it has been kicking my butt! I meet up with a bunch of friends twice a week and do an informal boot camp utilizing this app. They offer 30 min – 45 minute workout sessions and give examples of how to do each move. Every minute, there’s a new move so our heart rate is always going up. Quite challenging for a free bootcamp! Try downloading it, it’s free!

Happy end of the week!

-lil sis


Adding Trim to Window Panels

I finally put up the girls’ window treatments. While I love the look of window panels (a fancy way to say curtains), my husband definitely prefers the clean, simple blinds/shutters look. So we compromised. The girls got window panels and the rest of the house will get shutters.

My girls are light sleepers, and they sleep better when their rooms are dark. So I opted for the double rods…a sheer panel on the inside to let the light in but block the lookie-loos out and a decorative black out panel for the outside. It would have been so nice to sew up curtains for them vs. spending $$$ but the cons outweighed the pros this time around.

Baby girl’s room

2014-04-26 girls curtains 008 (439x640)Outside Panel: PBK Sweet Flower;Inside Panel: Teresia Sheer Curtains; Trim: from Joann

Some hemming required on the sheer panels but was quick and easy. The trim…LOVE!

2014-04-26 girls curtains 007 (616x640)I went to Joann looking for pom pom trim but found this instead. So pretty and delicate!

Older daughter’s room

2014-04-19 girls curtains 001 (640x474)Outside Panel: PBK Addison; Inside Panel: Teresia Sheer Curtains; Trim: from this etsy shop

2014-04-26 girls curtains 005 (640x586)

There you have it! Super easy to dress up panels and so many different choices!

Have a wonderful weekend!

big sis

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