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Brisket Round Up

I will be hosting Christmas at my house and I have been in a frenzy trying to plan my menu for the evening. 30+ adults/children with Korean food being favored by half and my desire to incorporate American dishes has not been an easy feat! I need a big piece of meat! something that I can throw in the oven and not have to fuss over. I thought my search was over when I came across this

pioneer brisket  Pioneer Woman’s Braised Beef Brisket

But then I came across this

emeril brisketEmeril Lagasse’s Passover Brisket

and this

ina brisketIna Garten’s Brisket with Carrots and Onions

and this

paula deen brisketPaula Deen’s Texas Brisket

Which brings me back to square one. I’ve never cooked a brisket before and while the size of meat does not scare me, the fact that I have not tried any of these recipes does. C’est la vie! My family will have to eat it or go home hungry :) If you have a favorite brisket recipe, please share!

Back to party planning…

big sis

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Christmas is almost here! Lovin it! I made a custom big sis and lil sis for two girls in Oakland.


We’re back to being Annual Disneyland passholders! We couldn’t stay away for too long. I figure there won’t be time for me to do this when they’re both in school. We’re crazy! We took both girls on Space Mountain. There weren’t any tears, and my youngest said she wanted to go back on it. These girls have no fear!




I have this Christmas city sitting on my fireplace, and the girls can seriously play with this for an hour. They take their squinkies out and have them visit each building like these from Department 56..

Have a great weekend everyone!

-lil sis


Cyber Monday Sale

One day only…all dolls 15% off. Shop here!

lil sprinkles rag doll

 Just a note: we will be closed starting from December 12th. Shop will re-open in the new year.

lil sprinkles


My Secret Weapon for Thanksgiving

So I felt completely prepared for Halloween. Costumes were picked well in advance, timeline to make the costumes was planned out, and all fell into place. Thanksgiving…complete different story. In the past, our family plus the in-laws opted to go out and eat. Just easier. Only downfall…no leftovers! So with the new house and baby girl being 3, I volunteered to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve done my fair share of research on roasting the absolute-perfect-juicy-turkey but since I’ve only made a turkey once in my life (and I remember it being on the dry side), I must admit I’m a bit nervous. Sure, my family won’t care if I mess up the main dish, but the idea that I wasted time fretting over a turkey and then the turkey to just be blah…well, that would not sit well with me! haha! So I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned…

williams sonoma turkey brine

Williams Sonoma’s wet brine seems to be a popular one. Heck, if Pioneer Woman is a believer in it, I am a believer! I also looked into pre-brined birds and while that sounds like it would really cut down on the prep time, I’ve read mixed reviews especially the ones from Trader Joe’s. So this year, this Turkey Brining Blend will be my secret weapon. I’m looking forward to it! What I’m not looking forward to is parent teacher conferences, report cards, and Thanksgiving break…only because that means Christmas is right around the corner. Oy! I’m soooo not ready for Christmas!

Hope your Thanksgiving meal planning is going well! Any go-to recipes you’d like to share?!

big sis


Any G.O.D Kpop fans out there!?

Back when I was a college student, I met two great friends that eventually became my college roommates after dorm life. I lived with them and another bestie that I’ve known since jr high. It was quite an adventure. We did pretty stupid things like any normal college kid. We chased after k-pop celebrities, specifically a group called G.O.D.

Their music is good, their background stories are fun especially since one is from the states, and the whole idea of them brings back good memories of college days! When we found out they were having a reunion concert after 14 years, it was only fitting that we would go and relive those days together. SOOO WORTH IT!

We did a lil smooth talking and got bumped to floor level seats. I mean Joon Park touched my hand! We were that close! Don’t mind me, even moms get to get a lil excited over their boy band crushes…right? :) Just wanted to share some pics from that night at Staples Center last week…






A friend bought a selfie stick and had it expedited so that we can have some selfie shenanigan fun at the concert. Definitely worth buying by the way!






And this last photo just cracks me up. I found it so hilarious that my old college roomie found this app and downloaded a message for them and held it all throughout the concert. Super fan right there!

-lil sis


Halloween Bird Wings

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I always feel the rush of the holidays after Halloween comes and goes, especially considering the girls’ birthdays are in November.

Here are some of the few pics of us in costume. Sadly, I didn’t get around to making the owl costume for the hubs. Next time. His response when I told him I might not have time to make his set of wings made me think it was A-OK that he was missing out on the bird fun.



swan princess

The last pic was in my oldest daughter’s class. Everyone dressed up as their favorite storybook character, and I wasn’t about to get a different costume than the swan princess. Lo and behold, we ebay’d “The Swan Princess” and it came right in time for her presentation.

The girls’ birthdays are three weeks away. We decided on doing a lil getaway, so I’m going to pack up some balloons and their gifts and for sure we’ll need to buy a birthday cake somewhere. 6 & 4 years old. Yowza, they’re getting big!

-lil sis


Halloween Witch Shoes, Ghosts, Treats Galore

I’m officially ready for Halloween!

We’ve got lollipops dressed up as ghosts!

ghosts lollipops

We’ve got witch shoes for our go to pecan-rolo-pretzel treats!

witch shoes

Have a fun filled, safe Halloween, friends!witch shoes

big sis

p.s. I used Tootsie Pops and cut out white Cotton Fabric 5.5 inches x 7 inches and they left me just enough space to place a tag on the bottom of the stick. Baker’s Twine in orange and white were used for the ties.


Halloween Treats for the Teachers!

Prior to making costumes, I started pinning away ideas for treats for the kids’ classmates and teachers. I knew I wanted to bake/make something edible for the teachers so I searched for a cute way to package them. Can always count on Skip to My Lou for cute holiday ideas!

witch-shoes-1So festive! So Halloween!

I just finished sewing up baby girl’s costume and while her dress does not look like Glinda’s from the Wizard of Oz, it’s pink, frilly and she adores it! And that is all that matters! :) I’ve got one more costume to sew up, and I can start crafting for the kids’ classes. Yikes! We are cutting it super close. This month is zipping by!

big sis


Two down, two more to go!

I’m sewing like a madwoman these days! Both sets of wings are completed. My chicken wings need a lil tweaking, so I only have pics of my oldest sporting her swan princess wings.




 It’s been a fun process to see them get all excited as I progressed with their costume. Are you done yet? Are you done yet? The girls have been asking to wear their wings around the house and outside now that they’re completed. Crossing my fingers they don’t get all dirty and completely mangled by the time Halloween comes around!

-lil sis


Dolls: Work in Progress

Battling a cold and doing my best to finally do a mini shop update. I won’t lie…this could be my last update before the holidays. With so many of the kids’ activities ongoing, it leaves me very lil energy at night to sew until the wee hours like before. Sign I am aging that’s for sure!

Here are a few dolls that have been completed…

lil sis lil sprinkles rag dolllil sis

lil sis lil sprinkles rag dolllil sis

big sis lil sprinkles rag dollbig sis. I am in love with her faux leather boots!

I’ve got 2 more girls to complete and hope to have them in the shop next week.

Thanks for stopping by!

big sis

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