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Weekend Recap

At this point in our lives, many weekends, my husband and I divide and conquer…it’s the only way for the children to participate in extracurricular activities. This weekend was no exception. Baby girl’s tap/ballet class, son’s baseball practice, son’s baseball potluck, son’s basketball practice, daughter’s piano competition, son’s basketball game. There was no time to breathe, no time for error :)

We found out a month ago that the twins’ piano competition would be the same day that my son plays the top team in his basketball league.

seyo basketballhuddles…my favorite time of the game

So needless to say, my son was taken out of the competition and I focused my energy getting daughter prepared. She counted down the weeks and then days and this weekend we she competed in her very 1st piano competition. Brought back so many positive childhood memories and truth be told, I was way more nervous than she!

2015-02-01 sam 1st piano competition 005 (640x427)

It was a mommy and daughter day…full of nerves and butterflies. But she remained calm and composed and performed like a pro! Couldn’t have been happier and SO proud of this girl who strives for perfection in *most* areas of her life. At the age of 8, she’s got nerves of steel. She may not talk during class (she gets graded down in participation every year) but has no fears or qualms about performing in her school’s talent show, ice skating show, and now piano competition.

All the participants, ranging from age 5 to 12, received a participation trophy and winners were going to be announced at a later time. You can imagine my excitement when I received a call this morning from our piano teacher.

2015-02-02 sam 1st piano competition 001 (640x427) SHE WON!!!

and my son WON his basketball game! It’s times like these that remind me that what I am doing, no matter how stressful and tiring it is, benefit my children and teach them an important life lesson. Pour your heart into the task at hand, and it will, most of the times than not, yield positive results!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Now on to brainstorming Valentine’s day treats!

big sis

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Las Vegas with the kids and in-laws

I’ve been to Vegas in the summer with kids, and we loved swimming in the pool. But this time around, we went when the night temps dipped down to 40s and the daytime temps were still within jacket weather. There were a few activities we did with the kids that I would definitely do again that was free.

We stayed at Caesar’s palace, and we spent every day perusing the forum shops area before the shops were even open. It was just like our meeting spot for the mornings since we went to Vegas with my inlaws. It was perfect though because there is so much to look at for the kids – the fountains, the sculpture show, the aquarium, etc. Plus, it’s super kid friendly!




We walked next door to Bellagio hotel and enjoyed the conservatory. It was beautifully decorated for Chinese New Year. The water show outside the hotel came on every 15 minutes while we were walking around from 6:30-7:30, even though it’s supposed to only come on every 30 minutes according to their website. This was, of course, SO AWESOME for the kids. They were mesmerized by the water show, and every song was different. We watched at street level versus the hotel side, so after the shows, we would spend our time enjoying the street performers. In particular, we were blown away by this levitating man –


What!? How? We tried to you tube how this is done, and we got a glimpse of how this act is performed…but I still don’t quite understand how this guy was doing it. There was Spiderman as well, and the girls were getting a kick out of him because he was on top of a pillar trying to “act” like he was going to do a stunt. All for picture’s sake!

One of the mornings we ate breakfast across from Caesar’s hotel at Linq Hotel. Hash hash a go go is a must! Go on yelp – excellent reviews. The basic breakfast was perfect for my two girls to share. The servings are generous, and we were able to share 2 plates among us four especially because my inlaws are not big breakfast eaters. We drove to Circus Circus and played ticket games and watched the free circus acts that begin at 11, every hour. Each act is different, and we got to see the clown and trapeze artist perform. You have to get there like 5-10 min early if you want an actual seat. If not, you could of course watch from the side or even behind the stage.


My oldest hit the jackpot twice and won 1000 tickets. We got the itch to play ourselves, but we weren’t as lucky as her!

So tiring but so worth it. We were going to ride the gondolas at Venetian, but the wait was too long. Instead, we just walked around the canal and looked at all the beautiful decor –

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



Vegas with family is so different from a trip with your girlfriends :P It’s still just as much fun!

-lil sis


Balancing Life

Happy New Year!!!

Was absent from the blog for many reasons…main one being life has just kept me super busy! I finally feel like we are back in our nice groove, i.e., twins in school and baby girl and I enjoying our alone time going to mommy and me preschool, story time, gym, and running errands together.

I spent a lot of time during the break at the ice skating rink for my oldest daughter and from her sheer dedication and passion for the sport, she has gotten to be quite good and has progressively moved up levels.

figure skating(sorry about the image quality…taken outside the glass)

…which got me thinking…should I home school so that she could skate competitively? How does one know if a child has the skill set to compete? Would I be ruining her childhood if I decided to home school (she LOVES school and LOVES her school friends)? And could I do it? It is something I have pondered for a bit, to the point where the husband and I discussed it. You want to provide your child(ren) with every/any opportunity but at what cost?

2014-12-21 ice skate perf 004 (640x329)Ice Skating Winter Performance

2014-12-21 ice skate perf 005 (640x372)daughter’s group to the left

2014-12-21 ice skate perf 008 (640x415)It is definitely something I grapple with and I’m sure I will continue to do so until they are adults. Parenting…the toughest job out there and at the same the most rewarding.

big sis



Tutu Diaper Cake

Happy New Year everyone! Another year goes by, and I’m still shocked as to how fast time flies. I started off 2015 with a fun diaper cake for a shower. The tutu was inspired from a pinterest pic!

1420603280_198767_24And this cake was strategically placed in front of my Christmas present so I could get a shot of this gorgeous Gray Malin Coogee Beach print! It makes me so happy to finally love a piece of art in my house.

Hope 2015 is a great one for all!

-lil sis


Brisket Round Up

I will be hosting Christmas at my house and I have been in a frenzy trying to plan my menu for the evening. 30+ adults/children with Korean food being favored by half and my desire to incorporate American dishes has not been an easy feat! I need a big piece of meat! something that I can throw in the oven and not have to fuss over. I thought my search was over when I came across this

pioneer brisket  Pioneer Woman’s Braised Beef Brisket

But then I came across this

emeril brisketEmeril Lagasse’s Passover Brisket

and this

ina brisketIna Garten’s Brisket with Carrots and Onions

and this

paula deen brisketPaula Deen’s Texas Brisket

Which brings me back to square one. I’ve never cooked a brisket before and while the size of meat does not scare me, the fact that I have not tried any of these recipes does. C’est la vie! My family will have to eat it or go home hungry :) If you have a favorite brisket recipe, please share!

Back to party planning…

big sis

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Christmas is almost here! Lovin it! I made a custom big sis and lil sis for two girls in Oakland.


We’re back to being Annual Disneyland passholders! We couldn’t stay away for too long. I figure there won’t be time for me to do this when they’re both in school. We’re crazy! We took both girls on Space Mountain. There weren’t any tears, and my youngest said she wanted to go back on it. These girls have no fear!




I have this Christmas city sitting on my fireplace, and the girls can seriously play with this for an hour. They take their squinkies out and have them visit each building like these from Department 56..

Have a great weekend everyone!

-lil sis


Cyber Monday Sale

One day only…all dolls 15% off. Shop here!

lil sprinkles rag doll

 Just a note: we will be closed starting from December 12th. Shop will re-open in the new year.

lil sprinkles


My Secret Weapon for Thanksgiving

So I felt completely prepared for Halloween. Costumes were picked well in advance, timeline to make the costumes was planned out, and all fell into place. Thanksgiving…complete different story. In the past, our family plus the in-laws opted to go out and eat. Just easier. Only downfall…no leftovers! So with the new house and baby girl being 3, I volunteered to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve done my fair share of research on roasting the absolute-perfect-juicy-turkey but since I’ve only made a turkey once in my life (and I remember it being on the dry side), I must admit I’m a bit nervous. Sure, my family won’t care if I mess up the main dish, but the idea that I wasted time fretting over a turkey and then the turkey to just be blah…well, that would not sit well with me! haha! So I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned…

williams sonoma turkey brine

Williams Sonoma’s wet brine seems to be a popular one. Heck, if Pioneer Woman is a believer in it, I am a believer! I also looked into pre-brined birds and while that sounds like it would really cut down on the prep time, I’ve read mixed reviews especially the ones from Trader Joe’s. So this year, this Turkey Brining Blend will be my secret weapon. I’m looking forward to it! What I’m not looking forward to is parent teacher conferences, report cards, and Thanksgiving break…only because that means Christmas is right around the corner. Oy! I’m soooo not ready for Christmas!

Hope your Thanksgiving meal planning is going well! Any go-to recipes you’d like to share?!

big sis


Any G.O.D Kpop fans out there!?

Back when I was a college student, I met two great friends that eventually became my college roommates after dorm life. I lived with them and another bestie that I’ve known since jr high. It was quite an adventure. We did pretty stupid things like any normal college kid. We chased after k-pop celebrities, specifically a group called G.O.D.

Their music is good, their background stories are fun especially since one is from the states, and the whole idea of them brings back good memories of college days! When we found out they were having a reunion concert after 14 years, it was only fitting that we would go and relive those days together. SOOO WORTH IT!

We did a lil smooth talking and got bumped to floor level seats. I mean Joon Park touched my hand! We were that close! Don’t mind me, even moms get to get a lil excited over their boy band crushes…right? :) Just wanted to share some pics from that night at Staples Center last week…






A friend bought a selfie stick and had it expedited so that we can have some selfie shenanigan fun at the concert. Definitely worth buying by the way!






And this last photo just cracks me up. I found it so hilarious that my old college roomie found this app and downloaded a message for them and held it all throughout the concert. Super fan right there!

-lil sis


Halloween Bird Wings

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I always feel the rush of the holidays after Halloween comes and goes, especially considering the girls’ birthdays are in November.

Here are some of the few pics of us in costume. Sadly, I didn’t get around to making the owl costume for the hubs. Next time. His response when I told him I might not have time to make his set of wings made me think it was A-OK that he was missing out on the bird fun.



swan princess

The last pic was in my oldest daughter’s class. Everyone dressed up as their favorite storybook character, and I wasn’t about to get a different costume than the swan princess. Lo and behold, we ebay’d “The Swan Princess” and it came right in time for her presentation.

The girls’ birthdays are three weeks away. We decided on doing a lil getaway, so I’m going to pack up some balloons and their gifts and for sure we’ll need to buy a birthday cake somewhere. 6 & 4 years old. Yowza, they’re getting big!

-lil sis

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