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Halloween Treats for the Teachers!

Prior to making costumes, I started pinning away ideas for treats for the kids’ classmates and teachers. I knew I wanted to bake/make something edible for the teachers so I searched for a cute way to package them. Can always count on Skip to My Lou for cute holiday ideas!

witch-shoes-1So festive! So Halloween!

I just finished sewing up baby girl’s costume and while her dress does not look like Glinda’s from the Wizard of Oz, it’s pink, frilly and she adores it! And that is all that matters! :) I’ve got one more costume to sew up, and I can start crafting for the kids’ classes. Yikes! We are cutting it super close. This month is zipping by!

big sis


Two down, two more to go!

I’m sewing like a madwoman these days! Both sets of wings are completed. My chicken wings need a lil tweaking, so I only have pics of my oldest sporting her swan princess wings.




 It’s been a fun process to see them get all excited as I progressed with their costume. Are you done yet? Are you done yet? The girls have been asking to wear their wings around the house and outside now that they’re completed. Crossing my fingers they don’t get all dirty and completely mangled by the time Halloween comes around!

-lil sis


Dolls: Work in Progress

Battling a cold and doing my best to finally do a mini shop update. I won’t lie…this could be my last update before the holidays. With so many of the kids’ activities ongoing, it leaves me very lil energy at night to sew until the wee hours like before. Sign I am aging that’s for sure!

Here are a few dolls that have been completed…

lil sis lil sprinkles rag dolllil sis

lil sis lil sprinkles rag dolllil sis

big sis lil sprinkles rag dollbig sis. I am in love with her faux leather boots!

I’ve got 2 more girls to complete and hope to have them in the shop next week.

Thanks for stopping by!

big sis


Custom Big Sis

lil sprinkles rag dollthank you, Linh!

big sis


Handmade Bird Wings

So the kids all want to be birds for Halloween! My oldest requested a swan princess costume, and I immediately thought of Bjork’s Academy Award dress circa 2001. That iconic swan dress with the head wrapped around her neck…would I be able to make that for my girl?! My youngest wants to be a chicken. She’s just the quirkiest, and I love that about her! After pinning and googling, I came across this beautiful pic of wings. 

wings6Love this all around because it doesn’t just have to be for Halloween! I’m sure the girls will have fun adding this to their dress up collection. Eri has a beautiful blog that is both in Spanish and in English. She gives the tute for the DIY wings here 

The hubs and I decided to get in on the fun because like they say birds of a feather flock together. And I just want to get in on the fun and have something to wear too! Halloween makes me feel like a kid again. I’m making myself some peacock wings and he will be an owl. I started on my daughter’s wings, and I’m hoping they come out ok. Here is how the swan is turning out so far… 


Let me tell you, it is quite hard finding shades of white and silver fabric that my daughter likes. We spent an hour at Joann’s. She definitely has her own opinion of what she likes.

And the little chicken…Chick1

Good thing I’m starting early because I still have a ways to go! Have a great wknd everyone!

-lil sis


Grocery Bag Holder

Sorry for the radio silence. With husband taking some much needed time off to the twins starting 3rd grade (yikes!), I spent lots of time away from the computer. The twins start their 1st full week full time this week. phew! that was a mouthful! And my baby girl starts her 1st day in mommy and me preschool tomorrow. Lots of changes…lots of growing up to do :)

We thoroughly enjoyed our summer, despite it being a very busy one. I’m not sure I could have changed much and it’s looking like my future summers will be just as busy if not busier when baby girls starts her activities. So for now, I will treasure the lil downtime I have when the twins are in school.

I was able to get one sewing project completed during the summer. What a big accomplishment! Not sure how I had time before to make dolls! I’m hoping that as we get into the routine of things, I will have a bit more time to sew. Oh, how I miss it.

My pantry was desperately needing a bit more organization.

2014-08-18 grocery bag holder 002 (507x640) Embarrassing but keeping it real :)

This is the first thing you see when you open up the pantry. A brown paper bag filled with plastic grocery bags. I use to fold them up into cute lil triangles…pre-kids that is. So getting rid of the ugly mess was a must.

2014-08-19 grocery bag holder 001 (347x640)

Being a fabric hoarder pays off! I combined one of my favorite prints with brown linen and created a grocery bag holder! Tutorial can be found here. Obviously, I modified mine a bit but I used the same dimensions. I also used a medium interface to stiffen up the fabric slightly…just so that it would hold its shape. Now, if only I could figure out a place to put all my reusable large bags, my pantry would be done!

But time to shift my attention to Halloween. My family (at the moment b/c you all know how that goes with kids) has decided to be characters from the Wizard of Oz. I am torn…do I magically sew up 5 costumes or buy them. Time will tell…

Thanks for stopping by! and for continuing to support this lil space of ours!

big sis


Thank you Fashion Project

So I heard about  Fashion Project from a girlfriend, and it’s been quite addicting trying to find clothes to donate. Basically the way it works is that you donate 5 items whether it’s women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. You put these items in a prepaid bag that gets mailed to you (you can request a bag on their site). You choose a charity of your choice for the proceeds, and then Fashion Project mails you a $40 Nordstrom gift card as long as all your items qualify. I received my $80 from them (two gift cards at $40/ea) last week! 

The catch is that you have to donate from a list of designer brands…usually it’s brands they sell at Nordstrom. But they do accept Banana Republic and J.Crew which was a plus for me because I had a lot of work clothes that I stopped wearing. It has to qualify and follow their guidelines – no rips/tears/stains. I’m currently filling up my 3rd bag and hope to fill another one with my hubby’s dress shirts. All of these clothes have just been sitting in my closet, and I’m sure sooner or later it would have gone in my Goodwill bag.

I’ve been wanting a casual rain jacket for the winter. Is it silly to want one living in SoCal?? I just remember last year being out and about during the few days it rained, and I was just in my hoodie getting soaked because I was trying to make sure the kids were fully covered under the umbrella. This North Face hooded jacket seems lightweight…

There is an array of colors for the plain hooded jacket, but this All About Hooded one is kinda cute with the pink zippers.

Ahhh it feels good to purge all of those things that have been just taking space in my closet. Happy Monday guys!

-lil sis


House update: Landscape Before/After

Our front yard is 99.9% completed and since I’m not sure when the 0.1% will be done, I decided to go ahead and post our AFTER pics. You all remember the before…if you don’t, here’s a lil recap.

Original landscape. There was ivy attached to the brick wall and a huge pine tree in the flower bed in our original landscape, but we had those removed right before we moved in. You can see that picture below.

Phase 1 : Killing grass, removal of existing plants/shrubs

Phase 2: Picking, approving, placing plants

 2014-07-18 blank slate 003 (640x309)

2014-07-18 blank slate 001 (640x427)

And here’s the AFTER.

2014-07-30 completed front yard 005 (640x417)

2014-07-27 completed front yard 007 (640x311)


2013-10-01 landscape (480x640)


2014-07-27 completed front yard 006 (640x369)The curb appeal of our property…makes me feel like I’m home and I don’t ever want to leave :)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Wednesday!

big sis



Custom Big Sis Rag Doll – Juliana Sprinkles

Here is a custom big sis doll for Juliana. Safe travels to NJ!

Big sis lil sprinkles

Our custom doll options can be found here.

-lil sis


House Update: Landscape…Work in Progress

Here is my yard since my last house update post.

2014-07-05 dead grass 003 (640x427)dead. grass.

Everything including the grass and shrubs have been removed and now we’ve got a blank slate.

2014-07-18 blank slate 005 (640x427)

We are at the stage of finalizing plants and despite not doing “sufficient” research, I’ve been very much involved in this process. Although we have a gardener, he strictly handles the lawn and not much else. What this means for my flower bed…low maintenance plants!

This project has taken a life of its own and trying to stay within our proposed budget and also getting the garden that I want has been a challenge. Hopefully I’ll have a few tips for you when all this is done. Half of the new plants are going in today and grass has been ordered. My husband couldn’t just stick to your good ol’-green-healthy looking-easy to care for-Marathon grass. We had to order a special type of Bermuda. Oy! And if it wasn’t for the special order, we’d have some grass and not dirt flying around everywhere but live and learn.

Hopefully, my next landscape post will be of the completed yard…fingers crossed. Have a great weekend!

big sis

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