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San Francisco Birthday Celebration

My girlfriend and I took a quick 24 hr trip to San Francisco to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday…my friend since 4th grade! As I get older, I realize how important it is that it’s not about the quantity of friends but the quality.

We flew out early Saturday morning, and our hour flight out of Orange County couldn’t have been easier. We got to my girlfriend’s home to relax for a bit and then walk to the Ferry Building for some Farmer’s Market fun. We ate to our heart’s content!


Runny egg inside a baked muffin. Yum!


See those chicken and pork loins roasting in the back from RoliRoti? The drippings would fall below into a bed of potatoes and brussel sprouts! The porcetta sandwich was to die for! This was by far my fave food I had!


The gentleman shucked the oysters right in front of us. I could have ate about 5 more of these!


Pretty day!

We went to Jeremy’s after hearing so much about this store. They carry designer items – bags, clothes, purses, jewelry, etc all at discounted prices. Some stuff is salvaged, so you have to be careful when buying damaged goods. I bought some high top leather sneakers and JBrand skinny jeans. I have to admit…shopping without kids was AWESOME.


Taking a break from all the walking. We used Uber to take us home and pretty much everywhere else. Love the idea!


Ready for dinner! I finally invested in this crystal statement necklace and have been recycling this thing like it’s nobody’s business! :)

We celebrated my friend’s birthday dinner at AQ restaurant in SOMA. Check out my dessert!


Sweet pea ice cream on a bed of chocolate “dirt” with a cover made out of a thin wafer cookie – all inside a glass terrarium!


Happy happy birthday! xo


Ended the night with good company and a good night’s rest…slept in till 8am! WOOHOO!

-lil sis

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Free Shipping!

2013-10-22 need to list 045 (640x640)

Promotion will run from April 7-11. All dolls will ship out first class and is only open to US residents at this time. Put a lil dollie in your child’s Easter basket! Shop here!


The Anchor

My living room has been empty since we moved in a few months ago. I did not want to buy something just for the sake of filling the room. And I really wanted something that differs from my normal style, which can be very safe. So this here will the anchor for the room.

room and board sabine sofa

 The Sabine Sofa

She is so pretty and soft. While not cushiony, the sofa is still comfortable. Now, if only I had money to buy chairs, a rug, side table, coffee table, and floor lamp to go with it! My fiddle leaf figs will have to keep her company for the time being. Baby steps…what I keep reminding myself :) This weekend I will be working on hanging window panels in my older daughter’s room and the family room. Super excited!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

big sis


I can’t seem to put my foot down when it comes to the twins’ birthday party. Mommy’s guilt…that they will always have to share their birthday with one another. Happy that they don’t complain about sharing their day and dreading the day when they want to do two complete different activities and I will have to have back to back parties.

This year we are planning on doing it at our community’s clubhouse. Afterall, I don’t pay an association fee for nothing! :) Last year, it was a drop off only party. This year, I am inviting all family members to come! Yikes! Seriously…mama is gonna need a vaca! After a complete home remodel, husband’s upcoming 40th birthday, twins’ upcoming ginormous birthday party, I will def be in need of some kind of R and R.

I’ve started pinning away and I’m not sure how I’m going to pull this one off. Son wants a Minecraft themed birthday party while daughter took lil sis’ idea of a rainbow/unicorn theme party and ran with it. So obviously you can see where things are going to get a lil sticky. So far…invitations will look something like this…

Minecraft Creeper Invitation Blankfree download here

 unicorn-party-invitationfound here

Now on to brainstorming the decorations. I’m seriously considering building not just 1 but 2! backdrop frames! Why, oh why, lil sis, did you have to sell yours?! Cannot tell you how many times it could have come in handy. I’ve got some building to do!

big sis


Happy Spring!

Today is all about being happy. It’s really International Day of Happiness. It’s been hard to blog lately with my new schedule, so I’m just going to post some recent pics from March that make me happy!


Wedding turned GNO! Photobooth fun…


Messy tea parties


Playdates at the park


Spending one on one time with my lil one


Girls looking forward to ice-skating class


Passing by this massive fiddle leaf tree everyday.


85 degrees finally opened 10 minutes away from my house. Still not sick of this place!

-lil sis

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Piecing It Together

After a month of living in our new space, I finally feel like it’s “home”. Baby girl has finally adjusted too. When we drive near our old home, she says “bye bye old home”. It is quite sad and endearing at the same time.

It’s funny how I gained so much more space but don’t know where to put a third of my belongings! This includes my craft area. I am determined to sort out a lil nook for myself…hopefully sooner than later. Most of the bedrooms have been furnished and we are slowly piecing together the main living areas but with all the money spent on the remodel, we are officially on a spending freeze. Needless to say, living with Paper Shades hasn’t been bad at all…I am especially loving our Black Out Shades (in the bedrooms). I am trying to figure out a way to incorporate them into our decor!

Before the freeze, I convinced my husband that we needed an area rug ASAP! As it is, baby girl is getting her diaper changed on a tiny piece of our leftover carpet! haha! She carefully lays herself down right in the middle out of fear that she’ll bump her head on the wood floor! I’m sure we will remember these memories years from now and have a good laugh. For now, something must be done! Like always, I’m a bit behind on the trends and this one was no different. Beni Ourain Rugs. The Moroccan rugs are hand woven by the Beni Ourain tribes of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. B/c they are not formally trained, the abstract designs are not perfectly aligned or in symmetry but that’s what makes each piece so unique!




If you keep up with interior design blogs, you’ll know that these rugs are highly coveted but quite an investment piece. Neutral but still adds a lil something…it would make the perfect piece in our family room. An original at $6,000+ (based on the size needed for my family room) is out of my budget, so I did a search for a copycat! And you would not believe how many exist! I know…I’m way behind. Apparently Anthro had one, West Elm has their Souk rug, Pottery Barn has one they actually call “Beni Ourain” and I found mine at RugsUSA . I couldn’t pass up their sale and I’m hoping that the rug feels as great as the reviews say it feels. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

big sis


Custom Lil Sprinkles doll

A custom doll for a special girl named Elizabeth…

etsy doll

-lil sis


House update: The main attraction

So when my husband and I were budgeting our remodeling costs, there were things we HAD to do and there were some things that went into the “future” column. The stairs fell into the latter, i.e., until we got pressured by (many) different parties to remodel them now rather than later. It was a big decision for us and at the end, SOOO glad that we got peer pressured!

2013-11-07 Before 014 (427x640)BEFORE

When you open our front door, the first thing you see are the stairs. So it was important that they made somewhat of a statement. In retrospect, I cannot believe we weren’t going to do them! I met with two contractors before deciding to go with Pike Stair Company. Something about a family business…it was a pretty easy decision to make and no regrets here.

My first choice was to go with a more modern look.

slide26images from their website

But husband immediately vetoed it. In the end, I agreed with him. As much as I love the modern feel, our home is your standard-traditional-track-home.

2013-12-20 stairs 003 (640x427)

So we agreed on more of a contemporary look and demo began.

2013-12-24 016 (640x427)It was amazing to see the installer work his magic! Carpentry…a skill I would love to dabble in one day.

2013-12-26 002 (640x427)Then the posts went up and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel!

2013-12-29 002 (640x427)This was my favorite part. Choosing the stain and then seeing it match my wood floors exactly!

2014-02-15 009 (486x640)AFTER

The finished product…nothing short of amazing. The craftsmanship…flawless. I could not be happier.

In addition to the stairs, I also wanted the chandelier to make a bold statement.

stairs (432x640)Just in case you forgot what it looked like before…and you can see that the chandelier was probably the original and never updated. Here’s my updated chandelier!

2014-02-25 stairs 001 (436x640)

At night, it is so pretty to look at :)

2014-02-11 010 (427x640)

If you are contemplating getting your stairs done, I am now a firm believer that money should be spent there and taken from somewhere else! Not only for an updated look but also for safety reasons. The new codes really ensure that no kid of mine will ever get their head stuck in between the iron balusters! Trust me…baby girl has already tried.

The decorating part, which should be the absolute fun part, has been VERY. SLOW. GOING. Since this house is our “forever” house, I find myself second guessing myself and having a hard time pulling the trigger on decorations. Will I like this in 10 years? Will I always live with this set up? Oy! I have purchased and returned like nobody’s business! All these thoughts contribute to this unsettling feeling I have I’m sure. For now, I will do my best to live with rooms being incomplete, not decorated, unfurnished till I can make up my mind! The kids have no complaints…gives them that much more space to run around and do cartwheels. The joys and thrills of being a kid…

Thanks for stopping by!

big sis


House Update: Kitchen Tour

Somehow I managed…to survive, that is. The 1st week was hard on all of us, esp us girls. Did not realize how attached we were to our old home and took quite a bit of time adjusting. 2 weeks later and my baby girl now calls it “home”.

Although we unpacked most of the boxes, I still have an unsettling feeling. It’s most definitely due to the looooong list of things to do but I’m doing my best to take it one day at a time. A major source of heartache currently is our kitchen. During the last phase of our remodel, I let my guard down. I figured all the contractors had completed their jobs in the time frame they promised, and I was completely drained and done with the remodel. And while I’m sure no one could see what I see, I still need it to be fixed for my own peace of mind and ultimately to know that I got what I paid for. So needless to say, my kitchen is not 100% and I still have contractors running around the house…not very often but often enough where my stress level climbs and the Shop Vac re-enters the house :)

Lil sis and I joke that my home will not be completed for months (maybe even years!) and will never be “blog ready”. haha! I did, however, manage to clean up a bit of the clutter in my kitchen just so I could show you the before and after pictures. Without further ado…

BEFORE2013-11-07 Before 006 (640x540)What kills me is the wall where the window is. If you look carefully, you can see that a straight line separated the white kitchen from the peach family room! Who lives like that?!

2013-11-07 Before 007 (640x427)

The upper cabinets above the peninsula…straight out of a Seinfeld epidosde! (sorry if you don’t get the reference) I would rather lose all that storage space just so I could see and talk to my kids during mealtime without having to bend down.


2014-02-15 002 (640x427)

It’s amazing how much a kitchen defines a home. It’s where I spend ALOT of my time, cleaning and prepping for the next meal, helping kids with their homework at the peninsula. I had contemplated going with white cabinets b/c I still have young kids and I have OCD tendencies :) but the white helped my U-shaped kitchen appear less claustrophobic and a tad bit more spacious. So glad I stuck with my instinct on this one. No regrets here. And while I would have loved to have gotten a Viking range, I did feel like it would have been too grandiose for the space and I desperately wanted a double oven (yes, that drawer down there is not just a warmer!).  I won’t trick you into thinking that this is how my kitchen looks on a daily basis…wouldn’t that be nice if it did though?!

2014-02-15 004 (640x425)

The other side of the kitchen is a bit of a mess so I’ll stop there :) The last 2 months of my life have been…crazy, to say the least! I am super happy to be almost done and even more excited to start decorating! Thank you so much for all your support and words of encouragement. It has meant so much to me!

big sis



New and Improved Me…

Who hates New Year’s resolutions? I’m all about making them and then forgetting about them after a few months. Well this year, I’m still going strong! My resolution was to be healthier and to take care of myself. Haha pretty general, so I feel ok about saying that I’m keeping to my resolution.

First off, I decided to really take care of my skin. In addition to Clarisonic and always keeping a sunblock with me wherever I go, I have made it my goal to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. Just pure water. I used to count soup, green tea, etc as my water intake but I wanted to make sure I didn’t do that this time around. Just good ol water. I know it should be 8, but I had to be realistic about this one. It’s been good thus far, and I feel like my skin is in a much better place than last year. My gf introduced me to facial hydrating mist (thx H!), and I went out the following week and bought myself two kinds – and Mario Badescu

Both are good, but I personally like Evian better. It’s more refreshing and I like how my skin feels after. My skin tends to be on the dry side, so spraying this throughout the day helps. I also put my moisturizer on right after I spray my face the first time. It will lock in the water.

Secondly, I’ve changed my diet. I bought a Nutri Bullet which is cheaper than a Vitamix but gets the job done. I do have to say it does take longer to break down the fruit/veggies, and I’ll have to stop it once to mix it up, but it’s been good to me the past several weeks. I was replacing dinner with a smoothie using the Organic Green mix from Costco with their All Berry frozen fruits but that got old really quickly! I now eat dinner but a smaller portion than normal and from time to time, I’ll make a smoothie. I realized the smoothie wasn’t working for me on the days I would stay up late. At about 10PM, I would raid my pantry! I’m still working on getting more than seven hours of sleep at night.

We also switched to brown rice…not completely but we’re almost there! The brand I buy is called Genmai, and you can find it at most Korean markets or Japanese markets like Mitsuwa or even Amazon!

It’s a short grain rice, and I love the consistency of it. My gf kept telling me how great this brown rice is because it doesn’t taste like the typical brown rice that’s hard and chewy and takes long to cook. It’s actually really good, and I have made this on the white rice setting and it still came out fine. Although the nutritional properties are similar to white rice in terms of calories and carbs, a serving of brown rice has 8% of your daily iron intake and 4% of thiamin (Vit B1) versus 2% of iron and 0% of thiamin in white rice. Basically if my kids will eat this and the hubs is on board, I will gladly switch over for all of us.


Another shot of this rice but in its cooked form with beans added.

Finally, I started using my gym membership. If I’m paying for it, I should really use it. Duh! I started off by going once a week and have upped it to 3x. I love running these days…that’s my cardio of choice. I feel my pants feeling a little looser than normal, so I’m thinking something good is happening!

It’s nice to see results because it gives me motivation. Well, I just wanted to share some lil changes I’ve made that have worked for me. You def have to have some cheat days though or else you’ll burn out! My cheat day is tomorrow night for Vday dinner!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

xo- lil sis

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